Snow/Hail/Rain/Wind at Tillicum Beach Campground

We’ve had a little of everything today!  I don’t know what the temps are but my forehead head hurts from the freezing wind – hahaha

Earlier this morning, the tall clouds (full of hail) were lit up by the rising sun.  I, of course, didn’t have my camera because I was just going to do a quick check of the campground bathrooms before getting ready for church.  If any of you are familiar with “workamping” you know there is NO such thing as a “quick check”.  So, this afternoon, I made sure I had the camera and I was not disappointed.

Storm Watching at Tillicum Campground
Storm Watching at Tillicum Campground

Dark clouds come barreling in; looking so ominous.  I stand under the trees to dodge the hail and light rain.   Then, minutes later, the sun peeks through the clouds and you can see blue sky on the horizon.  Sometimes the long, steady, days of rain gets to me here on the Oregon Coast.  But I love watching the storms.  It’s like watching the waves.  You never know what you’re gonna get!  Didn’t Forest Gump say that?

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