Wild Waves


 The waves are really crashing this morning!   Zoom into this picture to see the great crash I caught.

Waves and Plovers
Waves and Plovers

 I think the waves are the prettiest when the sun just starts to light up the first white crests.  It’s such a stark contrast with the dark ocean behind it.  I’m standing on the beach so I’m really not high enough to do it justice.

Tillicum spindrift
Tillicum spindrift

From Wikipedia: Spindrift usually refers to spray, particularly to the spray blown from cresting waves during a gale. This spray, which “drifts” in the direction of the gale, is one of the characteristics of a wind speed of 8 Beaufort and higher at sea….Force 8, defined as “Gale”. Wind speed 39-46 mph, equal to 34-40 knots.

Tillicum Spindrift
Tillicum Spindrift

That’s a little better.


2 thoughts on “Wild Waves”

  1. You have a great talent of capturing natures beauty to share with us who are not there to see it. I love seeing what you post. I feel like I’m there and I’m so glad that I have been! I may try painting those amazing waves.

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