Woo Hoo! Storms on the Oregon Coast!

We’ve had a really dry fall.  So dry that we were starting to see “green” Oregon turning brown.  It finally started raining on Christmas day, here, on the central Oregon coast.  I thought I should blog since it’s been a week.  But I have a hard time blogging unless I have a picture.  Photography is my hobby, not writing.  But getting a picture this week would have required me to get my camera wet.  Don said he’d hold onto me so I wouldn’t blow away though.  hahaha  Naaahhhh – so here’s an old picture that gives you an idea of what this week was like at Tillicum Campground.

Stormy Tillicum Campground
Stormy Tillicum Campground

We actually had a beautiful sunset today but didn’t have a camera with us!  The clouds parted about 3pm and it cooled down immediately.

I don’t think too many whales have been spotted this week.  Just because it is “Whale Watching Week” doesn’t mean they can be seen.  It’s hard to spot them with the wind chopping up the ocean, let alone blowing in your face.  But we look for them everytime we travel down Hwy 101 to Florence and back to Tillicum Beach.  The way you look for them is to look for the spout they blow.  Scan the ocean with your naked eye.  The plume of mist will kind of hang in the air.  So if you think you see it, bring up your binoculars because it will happen again if it is a whale.

Anyway…Happy New Year from the Oregon Coast!


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