Minus Tide at Tillicum Beach

Minus Tide in December
Minus Tide in December

I can understand why people, who don’t know about an impending tsunami, run out onto the beach when they see the water pull away.  I don’t know what it is but it seems as strong as gravity.  I can hardly stand to walk all the way through the campground, to get my job done first, before I have to walk out onto the beach.  Actually, it doesn’t matter if it is high tide or low tide or in between.  I love the beach!   But, when the water is at an unusual level, I’m almost in a panic to get out there 🙂

To Float or Photo
To Float or Photo

Here’s a camper after my own heart!  I saw the float, way out in the surf, a couple days ago.  I never thought the tide would be out far enough to see it on the sand.  Granted, he had to take his shoes off to get to it.  I wasn’t willing to do that.  Not that I haven’t done it before, but I’m just tired of numb toes right now.  Anyway,  he’s keeping an eye on the sunset while he digs for his knife to cut the rope.  You can’t miss a sunset photo-op; even for a float!  He scored last night; he got both!

Sunset Splash
Sunset Splash

 I like trying to get color, reflection and any other interesting things in the foreground when I take a sunset picture.  Otherwise, it is just a big ball and pretty colors.  I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I have a professional camera.  I use the autofocus setting and sometimes it doesn’t want to focus in the low light.  I seem to have better luck it I look through the view finder instead of the large display.  If I focus on the waves, the sun is washed out.  So I focus on the sun and move the camera down before I click the button.  The water is so dark that I have a hard time telling if there are any interesting waves that I will capture.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one!  It’s like catching a fish jumping out of the water!

I LOVE the beach!  Have I said that before?


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