Sand, sea birds and the hunting season

I thought the storms would take more sand off the beach.  But there is more now than there was last summer.  I found this photo, from last January, to compare to how it looks now.

Tillicum Beach Stairway - north end

The water is too bright to see because I had to lighten up the picture in order to see the bolders at the end of the stairway.  Compare the only 2 rocks showing in this next picture.  There’s probably 2 more feet of sand depth here!

Tillicum Beach Stairway - north end - November 2011

Lately there’s been big flocks of birds on the beaches.  But, until Saturday, I hadn’t seen the pelicans on Tillicum Beach.  They must have found something yummy to eat!

Pelican Feeding Frenzie

The other birds are Western Gulls and, I think, Heermann’s Gulls.  At least they look like the picture in my bird guidebook.  One of my pictures (not these) shows a pelican with a band but it’s not close enough to get a number off of it.

Brown Pelicans, Western Gulls and Heermann's Gulls

It’s hunting season so this cow is hiding in the elk herd to avoid the hunters. Cow season?

Elk Herd - Little Switzerland Rd

Goodnight Gracie 🙂

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