Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

One of the advantages to workamping is that you get to spend enough time in an area to find the local secrets.  A sunny day in October calls for some Oregon Coast sight-seeing on our regular drive between Yachats and Florence.  I knew you could hike the trail to Spouting Horn, taking the turnoff from the trial that leads to the tidepools.  But I’m usually so focused on the tidepools that I don’t want to take the detour.  And I only leave the tidepools when I’ve run out of time so there’s no time left to walk over to see the Spouting Horn.  As we drive past Cook’s Chasm, there are usually people stopped to see the view from there.  But I didn’t realize that you can see Spouting Horn from that overlook.  Since I was behind the wheel, on this day, I pulled into the Cook’s Chasm overlook in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.  It was around high tide.  I love hearing the low thump as the waves crash into the chasm walls.  Just a hint of the power of Mother Nature and God’s creations!

Spouting Horn - Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Here’s a better shot of Spouting Horn from the Cook’s Chasm overlook.

Spouting Horn from Cook's Chasm

The timing has to be right for the spout to really shoot out.  I think there needs to be plenty of air below it when the wave comes in?

Cooks Chasm - punchbowl

We also stopped at a favorite overlook, between Heceta Head Lighthouse and Sea Lion Caves.  Since it’s the “most photographed” lighthouse I won’t post another picture of it here.  But what we like to do is listen for the sea lions.  If you hear them, they’ll be somewhere below the overlook.  There were lots out in the water, some starting to form a raft.  The males groan and bark anytime someone gets too close to one of “their” females.  I don’t know how you could move in this crowd and NOT be close to someone else’s female!  The noise was constant and fun to listen to.

Sea Lions at Heceta Head

We stopped at Ocean Beach Day Use to clean the restroom.  As we were parking, a young couple was returning to their car.  The car had been broken into.  I guess we had weird looks on our faces as they approached and we waited for the inevitable discovery.  We told them where to go to get cell service so they could report it to the police.  They didn’t get her purse but he’d left his wallet in a pants pocket which he left in the car.  The thieves took that and a bag with clothes in it.  We swept up the glass into a pile and left it there as a warning:  DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR

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