October on the Central Oregon Coast

Lobster Mushrooms on the Oregon CoastLooks like we’re in for a beautiful October!  Fall colors are really just starting.  Lobster mushrooms are blooming.  They are the easiest for this novice to find and yummy when sauteed in butter and garlic salt; or added to soups and stews.

Now that the crazy-busy camping season is over, and our internet signal seems to be stronger, maybe I can find something interesting to blog about?

It’s time for the mushroom festival in Yachats: October 21 – 23.  I need to learn where to find those chantrells (sp?)

Fishing and crabbing on the Alsea River is great this Fall (we’ve heard).

Alsea Bay Fishing

Kings and Silvers are being caught from the shore in the Bay.  A camper caught a 41 pound salmon from Blackberry Campground, just last week!

Septic work at Tillicum

The septic work at Tillicum began on Sep 29th.  Porta-Potties were brought in.  They are making progress.  Hopefully, this will be the last week for the porta-potties.  Most of our campers are self-contained this month.  So they don’t mind the porta-potties so much.   But we may be loosing some tent business over it?  It should be finished, and flush restrooms back open, before Beachside State Park closes for the winter.

Today is a beautiful, sunny, temps in the 60’s, light breeze, kind of a day!  After a lovely day at church (the Primary program was awesome!) I think I’ll go enjoy what’s left!

No telling what the sunset will be like.  This is from last night.  We saw no indication that the vibrant pink was coming.  It seemed to suddenly appear.

October Sunset from Tillicum Campground

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