Newport, OR, South Jetty

We drove up to Newport, today, to check some prices on cleaning equipment for the campground at Cash ‘n Carry.   Good timing for a To-go lunch from BK to take to the South Jetty.  The tide was good and low.  We just enjoyed the sunshine and watched the seagulls, cormorants, ducks, boats and seals.  “Seals?”, you say.  Do you see any seals in this pic?
South Jetty, Newport, OR
South Jetty, Newport, OR

Well, some of those rocks didn’t look just right.  But it wasn’t until Don broke out the binoculars that we were sure.

South Jetty Harbor Seals - Newport, OR
South Jetty Harbor Seals - Newport, OR

They are very well camouflaged.  I think I can count 17 or 18 in this photo, now that I know what I’m looking for.  The hardest one to see is on the far right, just to the right of the long, white one.  If you zoom in you can see his whiskers.  He’s a big’un!  I think my favorite one, though, is on the lower left, teetering on the rock that is out in the water.


2 thoughts on “Newport, OR, South Jetty”

  1. You have to be so happy you are on our coast instead of most anyplace else in the country. I have a love-hate relationship with seals.

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