Central Oregon Coast

Aaahhh – Heavy Sigh!

How I love the beach!

Windswept Waves
Windswept Waves

As we drive between Tillicum Beach, south of Waldport, and Sutton Campground, near Florence, there are quite a few turnouts for ocean viewing.   Volunteers are there to help visitors spot grey whales as they migrate south.  The wind was blowing offshore, on this day, making beautiful patterns in the mist as the waves broke.  I just HAD to try to capture it.

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse - near Sea Lion Caves

Heceta Head Lighthouse is just north of Sea Lion Caves.  We took the picture from the viewpoint between the two.  Often you can hear and see the sea lions that are playing/feeding/sunning outside the caves.

Alsea Bay Sunset
Alsea Bay Sunset at Low Tide

The past few days have been clear and gorgeous; in spite of the cold temps.  The giant, orange, sinking sun stopped us in our tracks yesterday.  Anyone who is outside at sunset (when you can see the sun) stops to just watch it sink.  What is it about a sunset that is makes us stop and wonder?  Maybe its one of the few times when we can actually see the earth’s rotation.  That’s pretty awesome!

Well, hopefully, we’ll have lots more of those moments now that we are in our workamping location (Tillicum Beach Campground).

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