Alamo Lake State Park, near Wenden, AZ

We had a really clear sunset last night.  The colors reflecting off the cliffs were incredible!
River Island SP Sunset

River Island SP Sunset

 This is a golf course near Parker, along the River Rd.  Looks like you could be a pretty crummy golfer and the ball would just roll back down the hill back onto the green.:-)

Golf Course on the Parker Strip

Golf Course on the Parker Strip

We decided to see what Alamo Lake State Park looks like so we packed up camp.  We’ll head south on Hwy 95 to Parker, turn east on Hwy 72 until we hit Hwy 60.  Then we’ll turn left at Wenden, AZ.  It’s a couple hours drive by that route.

Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro Cactus

These Saguaro cacti were few and far between until we started climbing in elevation.  Some kinds of birds nest in those holes in the cactus.  We went over a 1900′ and a 2500′ pass to get to Alamo Lake State Park.  It was in the low 60’s today.  It is a little overcast this evening and, I think, the expected low is around 40F.

Alamo Lake State Park - Campground C

Alamo Lake State Park - Campground C

Campground C has electric and water hookups for $22/night.  There are about 40 sites here.  Campgrounds A and B also have some hookup sites.  They are closer to the lake but we liked the view from Campground C best.  The full hookup sites cost a little more but I can’t remember how much.  There are a lot of toy haulers with ATV’s out here.  The fishermen are talking about today’s catch of catfish and bass.

Our View of Alamo Lake

Our View of Alamo Lake - from Site 39

Here’s our view of Alamo Lake from site 39.  Our Verizon internet is picking up National Access on the Extended Network.  We have 3 bars but are only getting an average RX speed of about 40 – 70 kbps.  If it sounds like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t.  I’m just reading it off the VZAccess Manager window.  My point is that it’s not lightening speed but it’s doing the trick.  Some RV’s have their dish antennas out and one had a regular TV antenna up but we haven’t tried ours yet.

Scorpion or Tarantula holes?

Scorpion or Tarantula holes?

Don pointed out these holes under most of the bushes here.  He says they are scorpion holes.  I think they are tarantula holes :-}  Maybe they come out at night?  EEEeeeewwwww!!!! 


This little hawk scattered a bunch of little birds before he landed on the tree limb.  He sat there for 10 minutes, or so, while there was not a bird making a move or a sound.  Then he then took off after another small bird.  A few seconds later I saw a small bird flying towards me at lightening speed.  That hawk was right on his tail!  They were only a couple feet above me but I don’t think either one even noticed me.  They were pretty focused!

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2 Responses to “Alamo Lake State Park, near Wenden, AZ”

  1. David Roderick Says:

    I liked the …Eeeeeeeee remark. Scorpions? Eeeeeeeee!
    Nice blog!

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