Wildlife at River Island State Park, AZ

Watchin’ the wildlife at River Island State Park along the Colorado River, near Parker, AZ.
Wild Burrows
Wild Burros

These wild burros showed up on the ridge across the river from our campsite.

Male Ducks
Male Ducks

Not sure what kind of ducks these are.

Female Duck
Female Duck

A heron decided to fish from the island.

Heron on buoy
Heron on buoy

A kid went out to the island in a kayak to fish. He beached the kayak, got out and scared a beaver out of his den as he walked up the beach.


The beaver ran out to the water and started splashing around, slapping his tail on the surface, to draw the kid away.  It worked, the kid made his way back to his kayak and paddled back across the river.  As soon as the boat headed away from the den, the beaver quit splashing and disappeared.  Animals are so smart!

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