Needles, CA, to Parker, AZ

The Needles Ward had their Primary program this week.  What a great bunch of kids!  I couldn’t believe how loud they sang out.  It was a great program.  We continued south on, I-40, into Arizona.  This is rugged country!
Hwy 40
Interstate 40 Scenery

 We turned south, onto Hwy 95 (AZ).  There is a Hwy 95 in CA, also, to go down the lake on the California side but we wanted to be in AZ.  Lake Havasu is a really long, deep, lake.  It is downstream of Lake Meade.  There is a Lake Havasu State Park, just south of Lake Havasu City.  That wasn’t our first choice because it doesn’t have electric hookups.  But we’ll use it as a fall-back if the others are full.  We don’t know quite what to expect the week before Thanksgiving.

We stopped to look at Cattail Cove State Park, on the south end of Lake Havasu.  It was a little crowded, and we couldn’t get a spot on the water, but there were some sites available if we needed to come back here.  They were running a special: stay 5 nights and get the 6th and 7th nights for free.  The Host was also offering a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner – hahaha.  We decided to get a look at River Island State Park before we decided.
River Island State Park, Parker, AZ
River Island State Park, Parker, AZ

We went a little further south on Hwy 95 and around the south end of the lake but the Hwy doesn’t cross the Parker Dam.  River Island State Park is another pretty campground with hookups and hot showers.  This one is not crowded at all and we found a spot overlooking the river for $23/night.

River Island SP - near Parker, AZ
River Island SP - near Parker, AZ

 Don is looking forward to NOT driving for a couple days.  I can see why the snowbirds flock here!  Although, I am very confused about what time zone we are in.  All the maps I look at say we are in the Mountain Time Zone.  But our phones must be picking up the signal from the other side of the river, which is California.  Maybe we don’t care exactly what time it is. 🙂

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