Coos Bay to Brookings, Oregon

We decided to stay a the Coos County campground called ‘Bastendorf’.  It’s overlooking the ocean (which we can’t see due to the FOG).  But the fog lifted, this morning, just long enough to find these unusual mushrooms.
Mushrooms at Bastendorf
Mushrooms at Bastendorf
About an hour and a half down the road (well, longer because we took the scenic route), the clouds were starting to break up.  We stopped to make sandwiches at a view point in Port Orford.  It’s such a relief to see the sky (and the ground for that matter)!
Port Orford
Port Orford

We’ve had a debate about why we’ve been so grouchy the last few days.  Don thinks it’s the winter blues.  I think I’m claustrophobic.  Couple the dense forest with low, dark, clouds and I feel like I’m in a little box.  Oh, wait, I AM in a little box cuz we’re travelling in the truck camper. 🙂

Bleeding Hearts?
Bleeding Hearts?

We got into Brookings, Oregon, by 2pm.  So we had a few hours to enjoy the sunshine!

Harris Beach State Park Overlook
Harris Beach State Park Overlook

I thought about walking down to the beach but then I thought about the CLIMB to return.  We don’t have this view from our campsite but we DO have a view.  The beach view sites, in Harris Beach State Park, filled up by 3pm.  I think the whole campground is close to full.

Harris Beach
Harris Beach - another view

 Don suggested we take a picture of the view from our site and set it as our desktop wallpaper.  Then we’ll have a great view even when it’s foggy…or when we’re in an unscenic place…like…well, I don’t know where…if we’ve seen one of those, I’ve blocked it out.

Sunset on Harris Beach
Sunset on Harris Beach

And the sun sinks slowly behind the fog bank.  How’s my timing on getting that seagull flying in front of the sun!

There’s only one drawback to Harris Beach State Park.  The sawmill is noisy.  I’m sure it’s good for employment in the Brookings area but it’s annoying for campers.  Maybe that’s why they offer cable in the campsites…so you drown it out with the TV.  I bet tenters don’t stay longer than one night.  Oh well, we enjoyed the sunshine.  Now it’s dark and we’re hooked up to cable.

2 thoughts on “Coos Bay to Brookings, Oregon”

  1. I Like it! But I don’t want to sign up with WordPress.

    I’ve never seen a mushroom that wasn’t shaped like a mushroom. Are they edible?

    Love ya,

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