Pelicans, and such, on Yaquina Bay Jetty

Watching the ocean is one of our favorite things.  So we grabbed some fast food and took it down to the south jetty at Newport.  Quite a few other people have the same idea.  Flocks of seagulls hang out to see who’ll throw the first french fry.  I kept telling him that I don’t do that.  He wouldn’t say anything; just waited patiently.  But I think I heard him humming “doot doo-doo” as he casually looked around pretending not to be doing anything in particular.
Seagull Begging
Seagull Begging

There was a big flock of pelicans taking their noon siesta and preening in the wind.  These are brown pelicans; although they look more gray to me.  If you look closely you can see that one of them has a blue band on his left leg.  Anyone know how to look up info on those?

Pelican Flock
Pelican Flock

 Here’s a younger one in front.  I’m not sure how old they are when their head and neck start to turn from brown to white.

Young Brown Pelican
Young Brown Pelican

There seems to be a grey and white theme here on the coast.  These little killdeer are well camouflaged against the rock.  We also saw a small hawk fly over so there is good reason to want to blend in.  The hawk was also grey and white.   There are 4 killdeer on this rock.  Can you find them all?  It’s like those hidden picture puzzles. 🙂

Killdeer on Rock
Killdeer on RockThe cormorants had their own rock. But at one point one of them decided he liked this other neighborhood. As soon as he landed one of the pelicans got out of the way but the others didn't move. Then he started spreading his wings to see if he could get the others to move. Nobody else was buying his threats. He finally got bored and went back to cormorant rock.Cormorant Movin' In

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