Elko, NV to Lakeview, OR

Well, that was a pretty stressful and expensive trip to Utah.  We were ready to get out of there after getting a new fuel system in the Dodge.  We DID get to hug all 6 of our grandkids although it was WAY too short of a visit.  We were there for a week without our truck but only got to see the kids and grandkids one day.  Our camper was a 2-hour drive from them and no way to move it without the Dodge.  We stopped, briefly, near Elko to get more supplies out of the 5th wheel and a brief visit with family.  Then it was on to Rye Patch Reservoir (our favorite campground in northern Nevada).  Storms are coming in from the west and bringing cold and wet weather.  High wind warnings are in effect, around Reno, so we figured we’d hunker down below the dam.

Rye Patch Campground Fall Colors
Rye Patch Campground Fall Colors

The fall colors were gorgeous at Rye Patch.  The morning was nice; not too cold.  We ate breakfast outside by the slow-moving creek.  Nothing but the sound of fish jumping, flickers, crows, seagulls and some little chirping birds.  I saw a couple bunnies and 4 deer, all does, this morning.  We were the only campers in the loop by the creek.  We didn’t even bother to look up by the lake because of the wind.

Strange patterns on lava beds near Gerlach, NV
Strange patterns on lava beds near Gerlach, NV

We wanted to try a new road so we turned north at Fernley, NV, on Hwy 447.  This heads out to Gerlach.  Then we’ll head northwest to enter California and onto Oregon.  Northeast of Gerlach, NV, in the Black Rock area is where the Burning Man gathering is held each year.  The grasses and sage brush make interesting patterns on the ancient lava beds.

First Snow
First Snow

Here’s what those weekend storms left on the northern Nevada and California mountains.  We’re gonna have to cross those, I just know it!  I just noticed the timestamp on the camera is wrong.  It is really 2 hours earlier than the time displayed.   Hwy 447, north of Fernley, is a good 2-way, 2-lane paved road.  Some rough spots are marked.  Big rigs use it.  We fueled up in Fernley so I wasn’t really paying attention to gas stations.  If there were any, it would have been in Gerlach.  There was a little bit of a steep climb and switch-backs going through the Granite Range towards CA.  I don’t think it was on purpose that Don picked the roughest part of the road to let me drive so he could nap.  He didn’t get much sleep.  By the time we got to Cedarville, CA, my eyes had had it so I pulled over and he got behind the wheel.  We were letting Nuvi navigate and it said to continue straight ahead.  I didn’t even look at the atlas….until we started wondering how we were going to cross those mountains.  Hhhmmm, only unpaved roads are shown on the atlas.  Why is Nuvi (our GPS) taking us on a gravel road?  Oh well, we’re up for the adventure.  It says we’ll be there in a half hour.  It can’t be too bad…can it?  Well, we took the left Y, just like Nuvi told us.  Not sure if it would have turned out better if we’d taken the right Y, which was FS 2.  Although we’re not towing the 5th wheel, we ARE pulling a utility trailer.  This is starting to look like trouble.

Uh Oh!
Uh Oh!

We went a little further than this.  The road just stopped.  Well, I take that back.  The road continued on the other side of the stream.  We really didn’t feel like fording the stream though.  So, we backed up a little ways, dropped the trailer, spun it around, turned the truck around then hitched the trailer back up and got the heck outta dodge.  Have I ever mentioned how much Don LOVES to back-track?  Well, anyway, 15 miles back to Cedarville…past a couple hundred deer in the hay fields…at dusk…did I mention back-tracking?   Nuvi – Menu – Settings – Navigation – Avoidances – Unpaved Roads – CHECK

Crossing the Warner Mts
Crossing the Warner Mts

At Cedarville, we took Hwy 299 west.  We crossed the Warner Mountains before we got to Hwy 395.  North on 395 will take us to our final destination for the night, Goose Lake State Park, and we should still make it before dark.  We stayed here a couple years ago.  It’s a nice little park and has electric hookups (which we desperately need because our laptop battery is dead and both cell phones ran out of battery BEFORE we even got to the gravel road).  We got there just before dark…only to find the gates CLOSED…hahahaha…Don wasn’t laughing….he was driving….I was laughing.  I’d had this gnawing feeling, for the past 10 miles or so, that the furnace in the camper might be on.  I kept looking back at the back window to see if there might be flames visible through the curtain.  I didn’t tell Don because, as I said, his job was to drive and I didn’t want to complicate his job.  Anyway, since we were stopped, I thought I’d just run back and check.  Sure enough, the furnace had been running.  We keep our garbage bag hooked over the utensil drawer, which is above the furnace.  Miraculously, it had NOT melted.  I don’t think it ran very long.  We have 2 problems that caused this little mishap.  One is, the vent doesn’t shut all the way (ever since someone broke it while breaking into our camper).  It had vibrated open even further while we travelled.  So it got colder than normal in the camper.  The other problem is that we replaced the thermostat with the only thing available at the RV parts store (that’s a little bit of an exageration).  It is a camper thermostat but it doesn’t have an OFF switch per say.  The lever that sets the temperature, clicks when it is below the 50 setting.  So we figured (and so did the store attendant) that was the OFF position.  Well, apparently we were SO wrong.  Oh well, no harm, no foul.  Just something else to watch.  In the meantime, Don found the next closest RV park on Nuvi.  Go to Lakeview (15 miles) and turn left on Hwy 140 and go another 10 miles.  Longer story short (sorta) – the Hwy sign for the park said it closes Oct 15.  But as we were starting to turn around, another sign said they were still OPEN.  So we drove a few more miles down the gravel road…and, viola, here we are!   Where’s that EASY button?!

We are at Juniper RV Resort.  There are other RV’s here.  I don’t know what this place looks like but we have electricity, broadband and leftovers for dinner.  It costs $27/night for a FHU site. We don’t need water and sewer but no one is around and we didn’t see a price for just electric.  Don put $30 in the envelope because he didn’t have change.  They take every kind of discount except for the one we have.  Maybe we’ll see the Host in the morning?  I sure hope so, we need that $3 to help pay for the new fuel system…hahahaha

4 thoughts on “Elko, NV to Lakeview, OR”

  1. What an exciting day – – soooooooooooo glad we weren’t there!!! Hope the next few days get better. Just wait, when your old and gray, rocking in you front porch rockers, this wiil be one you’ll discuss many, many times and laugh while you talk remembering “the good old times”.

    Take care of yourselves and be safe!!!

  2. SSSSOOOOoooo…sounds like that new expensive commercial GPS is really working out well for you :-)….at least you don’t weigh 80,000 or have a 53 footer behind you! Must have lifted some of the parameters???

  3. Yes, Brian, we had the Nuvi in ‘Car’ mode instead of ‘Truck’ since we weren’t towing the 5th wheel. hahaha – Even after I told it to avoid unpaved roads it still said to go over the unpaved road. But when I changed it to ‘Truck’ mode, it took us back to Cedarville and across Hwy 299. Everytime you change it to ‘Truck’ mode you get this warning that says you still have to READ the road SIGNS. hahahahaha

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