Strawberry Reservoir, Utah

We’re back in our summer home!  We’re at Strawberry Reservoir, east of Heber City, Utah.  The fishing is great this time of year.   We got here on UEA weekend and the place was hopping with fishermen!  Of course, our truck is in the shop so we’re in a rental van.

Strawberry Bay Camping
Strawberry Bay Camping

Do you think putting the camper on the van would void our rental agreement? 🙂

Haws Point at Strawberry Reservoir
Haws Point at Strawberry Reservoir

We are camped in the Overflow area in Strawberry Bay Campground, overlooking Haws Point, a popular fishing access towards Renegade Campground.  Sure it’s a little frosty on this morning but it has warmed up since.  When we finally got to our camper – after the fiasco with our broken down truck – we remembered that the thermostat was broken before we left it.  So we snuggled a little closer that night 🙂

Frosty Morning at Strawberry, Utah
Frosty Morning at Strawberry, Utah

Can’t beat the dawn at Strawberry Reservoir.  I was never too impressed with Strawberry…until this year.  I think you have to spend some time here to really appreciate  the beauty.  I tend to like treed areas.  But this is impressive!

All the campgrounds around Strawberry were open (Soldier Creek, Aspen Grove, Lodgepole, Renegade, even Currant Creek) through UEA weekend.  They had a good crowd for the great weather!  They’ll keep the campgrounds open as long as there are customers.


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