Tooele, Utah, Scenic Tour

If we had to pick a good place to break down, it could have been worse.   We could have been further away from a town.  We could have been on the side of the interstate.  It could have been after closing time or even after dark.  We could have been towing the 5th wheel.  It could have been Friday night or Saturday or Sunday.  But, as it was, our Dodge broke down at a rest area on Thursday at 3:00pm.  We left our 5th wheel at our nieces’ house in Elko this morning.  We were able to get a phone number off our Garmin GPS for a nearby Flying J, who gave us a number for the Dodge dealer in Tooele (pronounced, Too-el-uh).  Thank goodness for cell phones too!
Grassy Mountain East Rest Area
Grassy Mountain East Rest Area

We didn’t see any snakes or scorpions – well, except for the snake in a bedroom this morning.  Anyway, we’d just had lunch in Wendover so it would be a while before we’d get hungry.  But it’s good to know that the Donner-Reed party got through this section of the desert without eating each other.  Still, if Don looks at me like he’s going to start gnawing on my arm, I’m outta here!

Cedar Mountains Wild Horse Range
Cedar Mountains Wild Horse Range

A tow truck picked us up 1 1/2 hours later.  He pointed out the huge Walmart distribution center and the Larry Miller Speedway.  He dropped the truck at the Dodge dealer but they had closed already.   Then he took us to a nearby motel to see if they had a room for us.  That was nice of him.  Tooele Auto Towing was our tour guide.

Our Tooele Tour Guide
Our Tooele Tour Guide

Hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow.  Sure hope it’s something simple!

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