Buttoning up Sam Owen Campground

The campground is all buttoned up for the winter.  Now we just have to pack our trailer and get ourselves out of here.  But I just had a couple more memories to share.
Fall Colors

Since Sam Owen mostly has ponderosa pine and cedars, there aren’t a whole lot of fall colors to see.  The cedars shed some “leaves” but they just turn brown like the pine needles.  We only had about 3 splashes of color like this.  So, every once in a while, I’d just have to stop and enjoy it.

Morning Dip
Going for a morning dip

This reminds me of when all our northern guests were here.  I’m going to nickname the Dancing Shadows Loop “Little Alberta” and Skipping Stone “Little BC”  🙂  I wonder if the Canada Geese winter on Lake Pend Oreille?  I’ve heard this little cove is generally warmer than the rest of the lake.  And the winters aren’t usually too severe in the whole area.

Dying Tree
Dying Tree - Cones Clustered at Top

We learned something about pine trees this week.  You can tell a pine tree is going to be dead next year by looking at where the cones are.  If they are clustered at the top, instead of spread out all over the tree, that’s a clear indication.  A tree dies from the bottom up.  And it will produce as many cones, as it possibly can, the fall before it dies.

Sam Owen Buck - 3 or 4 point?
Sam Owen Buck - 3 or 4 point?

Now there’s a nice whitetail buck!  Would you call him a 3 point or 4 point…or a 7?  Maybe it depends on what part of the country you are from.  The deer are really loving the mushrooms in the campground.  Lack of guests and mild temps are allowing the grass to replenish too.  We saw a tiny fawn yesterday though.  She could only be a few weeks old!  That’s pretty late in the season to be born.  We hope it makes it through the winter!

Goin' Fishin'
How're we gonna land THIS one?

Well, it’s the end of another chapter in our Workamping log.  Don and Brian reeled in the last big one yesterday.  Sam Owen Campground was a great experience.  We’d recommend it to anyone.  It’s a beautiful area on Lake Pend Oreille with curteous, friendly campers.  We’d do it again, next year, if our feet weren’t itching so bad!


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