Campers are slowing down

We’ve had off-and-on rain since Labor Day, here, at Sam Owen Campground.   It’s too bad that chases a lot of people away from camping.  But I understand why when you’ve only got a weekend to squeeze it in.  The wind blew the kayakers off the lake one day but it was calm the next.  It’s been so quiet that we’ve even heard a loon!

Osprey - Threatening
Osprey - You Want a Piece o' Me?

Our osprey have been quieter.  We still hear squawking but I don’t think there are as many around the nest.  I wonder if the parents have left already and it’s just the kids left to figure out what’s happened?  I think the parents have been trying to explain it for a while.  They, probably, finally said, ‘Okay, we’re leaving now!’

No Bathing in the Lake!
No Bathing in the Lake!

Swimming in Lake Pend Oreille is allowed but don’t bring the soap or shampoo!  How do you think it stays so clear and clean?  If people abuse this lake, it will become polluted like anything else.  One camper told me that this is the first lake she’s swam in that she felt cleaner coming out of than she did going in (and she never uses soap or shampoo); even her hair felt clean.  So please, leave it like you found it so the wildlife can enjoy the lake too.

3 thoughts on “Campers are slowing down”

  1. Good luck with getting people to stop bathing in the lake. I have even informed Idaho DEQ about the incessant bathing that goes on, morning and afternoon. Maybe the campground could post some signs stating no bathing. It is just yucky watching people scrub themselves, and even shave their legs, right in front of you! I love the campground, have been coming for many years. Good Luck!

  2. That would be awesome! I really liked the new vibe in camp this year. We were in 36 the first week in aug. The Montana people with all the boys! Hope to see you next year.

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