Getting Ready for Labor Day

Workamping in a campground can keep you busy.  It’s important to get away from the campground, at least one day a week, so you can recharge your batteries.  Mid-August is a welcome respite from the crazy-busy pace we’ve had since the 4th of July.  People are busy getting kids registered and outfitted for the upcoming school year.  They will all be back for the Labor Day weekend though!  But for now, we have some nice, slow days during the middle of the week.  Look how clear and clean Lake Pend Oreille is!   No bathing is allowed in the lake.  You come out from a swim feeling clean without soap.

Sam Owen Campground Lakeshore
Sam Owen Campground Lakeshore

We’ve taken this time to admire the finer points of Sam Owen Campground.  (Well, I have.  Don is running the sewer system.  And I’m still not convinced that is one of the finer points here.)  We are on the David Thompson Game Preserve.  This little fawn lost his mom a couple of weeks ago.  He’s been hanging out with an older buck who is showing him where to find appropriate food.  The deer will come right up to you if you hold your hand out like you’ve got food in it.  But we NEVER feed the deer.

Fawn eating
Fawn eating

Sam Owen Campground Trivia:  At one time the locals wanted to keep this campground a secret.  So they changed the name, from Sam Owen to Samowen, on all the signs so people couldn’t find it. 

I wandered down to the dock to try to get that pic of how clear the water is.  We have divided the shoreline into a people-only side (east of the boat ramp – shown below) and the other side is for people and their pets.  The dogs don’t mind and the people seem to appreciate it.

Sam Owen Campground Boat Ramp
Sam Owen Campground Boat Ramp

I watched this pileated woodpecker digging a hole in a tree.  He had a whole pile of wood chips at the base.  The mate was finding insects in a tree nearby.  I guess this will be their winter home but it seems so low to the ground.  Maybe that is an indication that there is a light snow-season coming?  Rumor has it that this area does not usually get a lot of snow anyway.

Pileated Woodpecker Home
Pileated Woodpecker Home

I have enjoyed watching the young osprey, and their parents, in the nest close to our campsite this summer.  However, they are starting to sound like whiney teenagers now.  As I was walking through the campground, this morning, I passed a campsite that sounded just like the osprey.  Dad was outside the tent starting to pack things up to leave.  Mom and the teenage boy and girl were inside the tent.  Noises coming out of the tent went something like this: “Look what he’s doing!”  “Well she won’t stop touching me!”  “Get off me!”  “Now just stay on your own sides.”  “You get dressed first, then your sister and I will get dressed when you get out of the tent.”   hahaha  Yep, kids of all species have the same challenges!  I’m guessing two new tents (one for boy and one for girl) are in the plans for future camping.


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