Morning Walks At Sam Owen Campground

I love to walk in the early morning.  It is so quiet and peaceful and the wildlife are out and not bothered by the two-legged wildlife that are so thick in the campground.  Sam Owen Campground is on a game preserve.  There is a hefty fine for feeding the wildlife.  A lot of people are having so much fun, though, that they “forget” to put away their food before they leave or go to bed – even after we’ve told them about the bears that travel through.  As I was walking through the campground, yesterday morning, I saw 2 campsites where the deer had gotten into food left on the tables.  I talked to the campers again.  For the most part, the Canadian campers don’t leave out any food or garbage.  They have all said they live in places where the bear are prevalent.  It’s the “other” campers that think they know it all and don’t understand the problems they are causing for the deer.  Human food is like a drug to animals.

Anyway, I digress.  So, as I walk, in the beautiful light of morning, I take my camera.  I start out looking for wildlife and enjoying the scenery.  I inevitably see smoker droppings and I hate to leave them.  So I also try to remember to put a plastic grocery bag in my pocket for the garbage I find.  Soon I start looking down, to find micro-trash, more than looking up to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.  My bag was half full this morning.  At least the bending over to pick it up is good exercise.  By the way, why oh why do I find underwear on the beach?  I mean, I can understand socks.  You take off your socks to feel the sand between your toes.  But underwear?  So, you skinny dip and forget to put your underwear back on?  I am cornfused.

As I walked past the boat launch, toward the sandy, beach volleyball court, I heard something in the gravel.  I looked up to see 2 deer jumping and kicking up their heels in the gravel!  One of them ran over to the sand and jumped around to play in the sand then she ran off into the trees.  Aaahhh, now THAT’s why I go for walks in the morning!

Deer On Beach
Can Deer Read?

Now that’s what I call a ‘deer in the headlights’ look!  She knew she was busted!  Those “locals”!  They never read the signs!


One thought on “Morning Walks At Sam Owen Campground”

  1. Thanks Jo for starting my day off right with a laugh and a smile. Have you ever figured out Why you find underware on your walks in the morning? Jan

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