Special People On Recreational Travel (SPORTs)

We meet lots of great people when we are workamping in campgrounds.  Most are genuinely friendly and nice (and intelligent) but some are just “special”.  Here are a few examples:

I was driving through the campground one afternoon when I met up with a lady driving the wrong way.  Our roads are barely wide enough for the big rigs to get through and they are adequately marked.  She stopped to talk to me because she was looking for an outdoor concert.  She knew she was in the wrong place but we could hear the music coming from the resort next door.  When I stopped her I said, “Hi!  How come you’re going the wrong way in my campground?”  She shrugged and said, “I didn’t know I was going the wrong way.  There wasn’t a sign.”  I told her there was a sign and she explained what she was looking for.   I showed her the car that was coming the toward her and showed her where to turn around and gave her the directions to where she wanted to go.  I proceeded to get out of the way (no way I wanted to watch her get turned around) and I drove to the stop sign so I could make sure she turned the right way.  I stopped her, showed her where to turn and pointed out the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign that she passed coming in.  Maybe a big, brown sign doesn’t stand out enough in a forest?

Sam Owen Campground Sunset - Lake Pend Oreille
Sam Owen Campground Sunset - Lake Pend Oreille

When people come into the campground with a boat, or wave runners, they sometimes want to anchor it off shore.  The bottom is rocky so we tell them how quickly the wind can come up and damage their property if beached.  They are welcome to trailer them and leave them in the day use area over night.  But some people insist that it “won’t happen to them”.  We had 3 of those people last week.  The wind came up before dawn.  The owners of 2 boats found them beached, and swamped on the shore, being beaten against the rocks.  One boat owner’s motor was damaged.  It was interesting to watch them put it on the trailer in 3′ waves without power.  Another one stood on the shore holding onto his swamped boat as the wind and waves bounced it against the rocks.  It was as if he could keep it from being damaged more.  He looked pretty helpless.  Turned out it beat a hole in the fiberglass boat.  I didn’t get to see them take that one out of the water but I bet it was interesting!  2 wave runners were also damaged by the wind beating them together and against the rocks.

We got a report, this morning, of a camper’s generator being stolen overnight.  They had it plugged in but not secured in any way.  Their campsite was fairly close to a county road so it was easy pickin’s.  The stupid part about this case is that the people said they’ve camped at this campground in year’s past and have had damage and stolen property several times.  They were just livid!  The generator that was stolen, this time, belonged to their boss.  Their learning curve seems a little steep, doesn’t it?  Or maybe they needed a generator and reported it stolen so they could keep it?  hahaha    The sheriff was called but the campers were locals and decided to file the report from home.  The host that took the complaint said he imagined the camper was going to be in big trouble with his boss, but he couldn’t imagine it being any worse than what he was getting from his wife.  🙂   It’s sad that we have to protect our property from petty theives; especially when we are on vacation!  But I guess that’s the world we live in.

I’m thinking about imposing a SPORT tax.

My soul is knitted with thine - Jo 'n Don
Reminds me of the scripture that says two friends souls are knitted together (1 Sam 18:1)

 This pic doesn’t have anything to do with the stories.  I just like the image.  Looks like Don and I, huh?


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