Campground Weekends

Fridays are the busiest day of the week here. Usually the 50 and 100 person groups are rented for Friday nights.  Today we had 2 Fathers and Sons outings.  The 50-person group site is the closest to us and they had more show up than they planned. There might have been 80??  Just guessing.  Anyway, lots of boys between the ages of 6 and 10 who were not well supervised by Fathers.  We were guessing that, if they didn’t get those boys in their tents before the full moon came over the mountain, it would be a long night.  They weren’t up too late though.

Blue Wildflower
Blue Wildflower

We ran out of gas, in the golf cart, at site 16 (the furthest away from our site).  We’d stopped to give a car pass to a camper in a 5th wheel.  He was joking with us and his brother-in-law next door and then went back to unloading his trailer.  I guess he’d gotten distracted.  Because he forgot to put his jacks down before he pulled out from under the hitch. (OUCH!)  I heard the awful sound behind me and knew it was something bad.  He had a bed liner in his truck so it minimized the scratching. However, we could see that both the bed and the trailer were buckled where they hit.  Everybody felt awful about it.  That’s when things happen, though, when you get distracted.  His brother-in-law lent us enough gas to get us home.  We were kinda dumbfounded though.  Don kept saying, “I just put gas in!”  I guess we’ve been busier than we thought?  hahaha

Fuzzy Purple Wildflowers
Fuzzy Purple Wildflowers

We made a round at about 11pm. One of the sites has a big family in it (1 trailer and 2 or 3 tents, 3 extra vehicles); mostly adults.  Apparently there was some kind of family argument because there were a couple groups of them huddled together outside their campsite and consoling each other.  We didn’t hear any loud arguments though by that time and no complaints yet.  As we drove around the loop, 2 small aspen trees had been pushed down onto the road.  Don was able to push them back off the road and catch them on another tree.   No sign of who did it or why.  Can you imagine if everyone did this?  We literally wouldn’t have any trees left to enjoy.

Little Bluebells
Little Bluebells

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