Gettin’ Busy at Lodgepole Campground

What a way to start the day!  I opened the blinds, this morning, and saw two young bull moose eating in my backyard.  I got some good pix before the people next door ran toward them with their cameras.  I waited a little while and walked up to the next group site to see if the moose would follow the fence line.  Sure enough, there they were.  So I pointed them out to a motorcycle camper and we stood there in awe and taking pix as they slowly walked past us.
Young Bull Moose in Lodgepole Campground
Young Bull Moose in Lodgepole Campground

I haven’t seen these giant columbines (about 2 1/2 inches in diameter) since we were in Albion Basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon, east of Salt Lake City.  There are less than a dozen here in our campground.

Giant Columbine
Giant ColumbineThere aren't too many mushrooms here but here is a puffball; an edible mushroom. I have never seen one this big! I put my garbage picker next to it to show the size. We ate a couple smaller ones, sauteed in butter and garlic, a week ago. It gave us gas so we won't try this one.Puffball Mushroom

 We have regular tree squirrels here too but they are not as prevalent as the ground squirrels.  This one was making a racket as I walked by so I pointed my camera at him and shot!  Doesn’t he look like he’s hanging on for dear life!  He was very still as long as I was looking at him.

Tree Squirrel
Tree Squirrel

These baby robins are only 12 days old!  You think our children grow fast!  I think I know how they learn to fly.  One wrong move and sister gets pushed out of the nest.

Robins - 12 days old
Robins - 12 days old
A camper, pulling a 5’er, broke his emergency brake release cable before he backed into a campsite.  That campsite is reserved for Friday and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get the truck fixed by then.  Another camper volunteered to pull his rig into site 50 (a double), since it was the only FCFS site that he’d fit in.  When the tow truck came, the driver showed him how to release the brake so he could drive it in to get it replaced.
Fishing License, Pontoon, what else do ya need?
Fishing License, Pontoon, what else do ya need?

 Uh oh – the pontoon boat is loaded, fishing gear is gathered, fishing license is purchased.  If I look out tomorrow and the truck is gone, I may not know when he’ll be back but I’ll know where he is!

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