The calm before the storm!

Yep!  Yesterday was summer.  Today is NOT.  Here are some things I enjoyed during our summer at Lodgepole Campground. 

Tiny Yellow Wildflower
Tiny Yellow Wildflower


The wildflowers keep showing up.  I don’t know any of their official names.  But I do enjoy seeing them. 

Tiny Blue Wildflower
Tiny Blue Wildflower


Some are the tiniest little things but they have such vibrant color! 

Blue Bells
I call these Blue Bells out of ignorance


I bet I can take a better picture of these with the micro setting.  But this little field is full of these little blue-belled wildflowers! 

Robins Feeding
Robins Feeding


What I really enjoyed doing was sitting on a rock waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Robin to get comfortable enough with me sitting there to feed the babies.  I always thought the adults ate the food and then regurgitated it into the babies’ mouth.  After watching them for a few days, though, it looks like they just cut the caterpillar into pieces and drop them into the babies’ mouths. 

More Robins Feeding
More Robins Feeding


The neck and tippy-toe muscles must be the first to develop.  And the tallest gets the first caterpillar! 

The wind really whipped around the campground today.  It broke off half of a split tree.  Then it broke another one, nearby, that fell into the first one.  We’ve got to remove that one tomorrow and get it cleaned up before our big group is scheduled to come in on Friday.  It’s gonna be a bear – like that last one that was hung up!   Gotta love the campground work!  Woo Hoo!


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