The weather is so unpredictable…or is it?

I had told a couple of people, earlier in the week, that I felt like I was watching a tidal wave as it pulled back from shore and knew it would be just a short time before it let loose and overtook me.  I was referring to our campground reservations being full for the weekend.  I figured this would be the beginning of a full campground until Labor Day.  However, as it became more and more evident that the weather forecast was accurate, people began cancelling their reservations.  We still had a good crowd on Friday but not all the way full. 

Snow-capped peaks June 12, 2010
Snow-capped peaks June 12, 2010


The NOAA weather report for Jun 10th was that we’d get 2″ of snow.  It had been pretty warm, even at our elevation of 7500′, prior to that.  We dutifully warned our campers so they’d put down their awnings and protect their chairs over night.  Well, it did get down to freezing temps but no snow that night.   But Friday evening through this (Sunday) morning it has rained off and on and only up to 50 during the day.  The ones I felt the sorriest for was a group who had people coming from New Mexico.  The locals notified them that the temps were dropping and they needed to prepare for cold and wet.  But they were experiencing 90 degree temps and thought how refreshing it sounded.  At one point, we drove through their area and saw 3 kids in shorts and short-sleeved shirts shivering and huddling together.  I’m bettin’ they were the ones from New Mexico.  hahaha 

A camper came in, early Saturday afternoon, to look for a campsite for her pop-up trailer.  She drove up to the entrance sign, saw the sign that pointed to the Campground Host site, stopped and honked for us to come out.  :-}  Does that sound presumptuous to anyone else?  I mean, I know this looks like a glamorous job, but that’s because we make it look that way, not because we don’t melt, just like you do, in the rain.  Anyway, we weren’t in our trailer at the time so she kept honking.  Now, granted she may not have known this, but the entrance sign is about 60′ through the field from our trailer and there is a paved road that comes right up to our driveway.  Nevertheless, they just parked there and walked over to our trailer as Don was just getting back.  Turned out, as is usually the case with people like this, we didn’t have anything that they liked and we sent them on up the road to another nice campground.  Yes, this IS called profiling. 

White Pelicans Huddling
White Pelicans Huddling


The weather at Strawberry Res. was nasty – constant wind, white caps on the lake, dark skies and a couple rain showers.  I couldn’t believe there were boats out on the lake!  We went for a visit over to Soldier Creek and saw these white pelicans huddled together.  Hhhmm – they look like those kids from New Mexico! 

We also visited Aspen Grove and guess who we saw?  Yes, the nice lady with the pop-up camper.  The Host was telling us how picky she was and Don admitted to sending her to Aspen Grove after we couldn’t satisfy her.  The Host thanked us graciously as she took off her dripping wet jacket and dried her hair. :-} 

Sandhill Crane and chick
Sandhill Crane and chick


On our way back we saw a couple Sandhill Cranes way out in the field.  Don thought he saw a little brown spot in the grass near them.  So we whipped a u’y (that’s a U-turn in Utah-speak) to see if what he saw were chicks.  Is that what you call Sandhill Crane babies?  Or is it ‘cranelings’?  Baby ducks are ducklings.  Baby geese are goslings.  Oh well, wish we were able to get closer!  Can you see the little brown spot in the bottom left corner (same color as the adult)?  We saw one chick following each adult.  They only lay 2 eggs at a time.

2 thoughts on “The weather is so unpredictable…or is it?”

  1. Try to encourage the white Pelicans to stay. Their friends in the Gulf are a dirty brown or black if they got in the thicker oil.

  2. I’m taking the picture of your trellis garden to our R.S. class on growing things up in the air when you don’t have a lot of acreage – it is Thursday night!! Good Job!! Love the pictures and stories – keep up the great work!!

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