Spring is full of new life!

I found a new flower today!  This is like it was at Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We saw a new wildflower every week.
Yellow Wildflower at Lodgepole
Yellow Wildflower at Lodgepole Campground

Mama and Daddy Robin were acting different today.  They usually left the nest, unattended, to go eat.  But, today, neither of them strayed far.  Several times, we saw both of them next to the nest.  One was on the edge and the other on a branch looking in.   So I waited all day for an opportunity to sneak a peek.  Finally!  They were no where to be found so I grabbed my camera and tip-toed over.  I guess everyone is born naked – even Robins.  If you look close, though, you can see a little bit of fuzz or down or something that will grow to cover their bodies.  Their timing sure was bad though.  The temps are the coldest in a couple weeks and it’s supposed to freeze tonight.

4 Robin Babies
4 Robin Babies - They're NAKED!

We played pickup sticks again this week.  (We DO have to work sometime.)  Quite a few large trees were removed last fall but most of the branches were left.  They usually clean up after themselves but they must have gotten caught by a snow storm before they were able to remove the debris.  So we gathered it up and stacked it next to the roads so campers had easy access to it for their campfires.  We have another good crowd in here this weekend.  Hopefully all this wood will be gone by Monday so we can start selling our bundles of firewood.

Pickup Sticks
Pickup Sticks
We planted a garden this week too.  Along with African Daisies we have cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions, peas, leaf lettuce and, of course, radishes.  It’s covered tonight so they don’t freeze!
Lodgepole Garden
Lodgepole Garden

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