Sunshine at Lodgepole Campground, UT

I didn’t know we had room to rearrange furniture in this 5th wheel?  I went off to do the laundry and Don got us more room!  We moved the dinette to the rear and the recliners up towards the front.  I can’t believe how much more roomy it feels!

Fleetwood Wilderness
Fleetwood Wilderness - Roomier Configuration

It was a beautiful, sunny day today.  We spent a lot of time cleaning up the campground.  I took a little time out to take pix of some new wildflowers.  The little yellow one looks like a columbine, doesn’t it?  I don’t know what the blue ones are but they are very tiny.  And what a vibrant blue!

yellow columbine
yellow columbine?
blue wildflowers
blue wildflowers - know what they are?

The tree squirrels sure have been busy!  Look at this next photo.  The light colored piles, at the base of the trees, are leftovers of pine cones.  I wonder how many pine cones made this big of a pile?  Hundreds?

Cuttin' Cones
Cuttin' Cones

We went through all the sites in Loop A today.  I walked through and picked garbage out of the bushes, broke up illegal fire rings and dug out ditches to drain some water out of the sites.  Don used the blower on all the sites and roads.  Lots of pine needles from these Lodgepoles.  The Forest Service is in battle with the pine beetle here.  They are cutting down the dead ones and going to spray the ones that are still alive to try to save them.

The Artist's Loft - Site 20
The Artist's Loft - Site 20

I have a couple favorite campsites already.  I think this one is the most picturesque.  I like the brick wall and the tree that has a little bit of character in it’s shape.  Site 20 is reservable, as most of them are, on


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