Peace and Quiet in Lodgepole Campground, UT

This is our last week of peace and quiet.  We keep hearing that this campground is VERY busy.  It’s probably because it’s the only one in the area with trees.  We haven’t seen any wildlife of the large variety yet.  But the potguts, squirrels and birds keep us company.  I saw a woodpecker yesterday but he didn’t stop to pose.

Potipher-n-Esmarelda the Potguts
Potipher-n-Esmarelda Potgut - Uinta Ground Squirrels

We got settled into the Campground Host Site, where we’ll be for the summer.  It was a little tricky getting in.  But we made it without any damage to the rig or feelings. 🙂

Campground Host Site #31 - Lodgepole Campground
Campground Host Site #31 - Lodgepole Campground

We were issued a golf cart for running around the campground.  As the snow melted, it became more evident how much work there was to do.  We didn’t have to worry about the water system since there is a maintenance person who takes care of that.

Free Firewood
Free Firewood

Some dead trees were cut last Fall.  They were caught by a snow storm and unable to clean up the branches.  The bathrooms are all cleaned and water turned on.  We’re waiting for the water test results to come back.  Bring your saw and ax to take advantage of all this free firewood!

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