Strawberry Reservoir, Utah

We took a drive to check out some of the other campgrounds in the area.  Strawberry Reservoir still has a thick layer of ice but the edges are clear.  Strawberry Bay, near the marina, has a lot of campsites and some have full hookups.  This loop is the only one with “trees”.  See how small they are.  They don’t get much rain up here.  The shelters are for shade.  They are open for business and had a few campers in last weekend.

Strawberry Bay Campground
Strawberry Bay Campground

We went on over to Renegade, past Strawberry Bay.  Below is a view from the boat launch.  Strawberry is a huge lake and very popular with the fishermen.

Renegade Boat Launch and Parking
Renegade Boat Launch and Parking

These fishermen found a nice clear spot across from Renegade Campground.  We had to drive through (or around) a couple snow banks to get here.  We were in a 2-wheel drive light truck, though, and hardly got it dirty.

Float Fishing at Renegade on Strawberry
Float Fishing at Renegade on Strawberry

We enjoyed watching 2 different kinds of hawks.  One is a red-tail but we’re not sure what the other one is.

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

There is some kind of hawk, in Utah, that turns white in the winter.  Anyone know what it’s called and if this is it?

Mystery Hawk

We also saw a few white pelicans, mallard ducks and, are those loons with white down the front of their necks or a type of grebe?

White Pelican
White Pelican - see the notch on the top of his beak?

I wonder if that pelican spent the winter on Houston County Lake in Texas? 

Mallards - Bottoms up!
Loons or Grebes or ??

Okay, who can tell us what these are?  If you can, you win the honor of being right!

After lunch we were surprised by an early Mother’s Day visit from Eric’s family!  A couple hours in a truck is a big sacrifice for a family with small children!  We had a great visit and made plans for their next camping trip.  It’s a good thing they came on Saturday, because the fridge quit working on Sunday.  Guess what we’ll be doing this week!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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