Chickahominy Res (Oregon) to Winnemucca, Nevada

Chickahominy is about 25 miles west of Burns, Oregon.  Malheur Wildlife Refuge is south of Burns.  After fueling up in Burns, we turned south on Hwy 205 to take the western route to Winnemucca.  Hwy 95 also takes you to Winnemucca, is a better road according to the map, and is a shorter drive.  However, we wanted to see more of the Refuge.  205 wasn’t a bad road.  There was one steep climb in Frenchglen and the frequent cattle guards shook up our 5th Wheel, a little, but no damage was done.
Malheur Wildlife Refuge
Malheur Wildlife Refuge

We saw lots of birds in the marshes: Canada Geese, Yellowheaded Blackbirds and others that I couldn’t identify.  As we were driving we slowed down to see what was in the middle of the road.  A crow was bouncing around on the side but we couldn’t see that it was a hawk guarding his roadkill until we got closer.  He wasn’t about to leave his breakfast, even when he saw the giant 5th wheel bearing down on him.  He lifted off with almost a whole, fresh-killed, rabbit in his clutches.  Even though we were going slow and shifted around him, he knew he’d have to drop it in order to survive.  I bet the crow didn’t beat him back to it though.  That was a pretty determined hawk!

Canada Goose Family
Canada Goose Family

Geese mate for life and they both play an integral part in raising their young.  Look at those fuzzy little chicks!

Whitetail Deer - French Glen
Whitetail Deer - French Glen

The Whitetail Deer turned around to say ‘Hi’ as we reached the top of the Catlow Rim.  They looked a little scruffy to me.  Maybe that’s just their winter coat starting to thin out?  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something scurrying along in the roadside ditch.  I’m guessing it was a rockchuck or something like that.  He was racing us!

Antelope - Catlow Valley
Antelope - Catlow Valley

This big Antelope buck (on the right) had a herd of about 8 does.  He watched us very closely as we drove by.  Most of his does had already crossed the road in front of us.  They were safe because they looked both ways before crossing!

We got into the Hi-Desert RV Park in Winnemucca, NV, just before a big wind (sand) storm hit.  We paid about $18 for a FHU site (+cable and wifi) with our Escapees discount (50%)!  The wifi wasn’t working last night, but neither was our Verizon broadband.  Our cell phone indicated a good signal (extended network) but I couldn’t make any calls out.  So we’re not sure if we were in a Bermuda Triangle of sorts or what was going on.  But all is working this morning!


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