Philomath to Chickahominy Reservoir, Oregon

We had a great time relaxing with family but, alas, it’s time to get going.  True to form, we headed out with one route in mind and changed as soon as we saw the interstate.  Nah, we don’t need no stinking interstate!  Those Cascades don’t look too white!  So we pointed the rig east on Hwy 20.
South Fork Santiam River
South Fork Santiam River

Lebanon to Sisters is a beautiful drive along the South Fork of the Santiam River, then up over Tombstone Pass and Santiam Pass (about 4700′).   The drive is pretty steep and winding but there are plenty of pullouts to let traffic by.

Santiam Wagon Road
Santiam Wagon Road

We stopped at a pullout for lunch and read about the first transcontinental auto race.   Wow, 44 days to go from New York to Portland!  And they were racing!   I bet we could do that and feel like we’d taken our time?

3 Sisters - Cascade Mountains
North and Middle Sisters - Cascade Mountains

Pit stop/photo op to turn around and get our last glimpse at the 3 Sisters.  It was a gorgeous day for travel.  Looks like it’s a little drier over here on the east side of the Cascades!

Chickahominy Reservoir
Chickahominy Reservoir

Chickahominy is one of those places that had been talked about in the family for years; plans to go fishing, etc.  Camping, whether in improved sites or not, costs $8.  There are restrooms in each loop.  A boat ramp and fish cleaning station are close to the entrance.  The lake looks pretty muddy today.  Not sure if that is typical though?

It’s nice to be back in our 5th wheel.  After spending a year in our truck camper this feels like a mansion!

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