Inks Lake, TX to Carlsbad Caverns NP, NM

I forgot to include a picture of the fishing pier at Inks Lake in the last post. So, here it is.
Fishing Pier at Inks Lake
Fishing Pier at Inks Lake State Park The Texas Hill Country, north of Austin, is full of wildflowers! Here are some Texas Blue Bonnets with a typical backdrop of prickly pear cactus and juniper (I think) trees.Texas Blue Bonnets and Prickly Pear Cactus

 This is a pretty duck. He walked up to me with his two friends. They were white ducks. I’m thinking this one is a cross between white and mallard?

Inks Lake Ducks
Cross between white duck and a mallard?

 I don’t know where this titmouse was finding this fluffy stuff. Maybe it’s down from the ducks?

Cute little Titmouse gathering fluff for her nest
Okay, so we’re certainly not in the beautiful Texas Hill Country anymore.  We went west on Hwy 29, took Hwy 71 to 87 all the way through San Angelo to Big Spring. We’d planned on staying at Big Spring State Park, where the map indicated camping was available. However, when we got there, all we could find was the Day Use Area. So, we kept going.
West Texas
It's a wasteland unless you have an appreciation for oil rigs

Eastern New Mexico looks like west Texas. This is the Permian Basin – an ancient sea floor that baked for millions of years to form one of the richest oil fields on earth.

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