Yegua Creek CG (Somerville) to Inks Lake SP (near Burnet,TX)

We had to check out the progress of the leaf cutter ants before we left Yegua Creek Campground.  I wonder if ants are designated tree climbers and others are ground gatherers then others take the leaves down into the beds?
Leaf Cutter Ants - on the tree
A coordinated effort gets the leaves out of the tree, down to the ground, to the hole, then down into the ant bed


You can see the two holes at the base of the tree. Some of these seed pods were gathered from other trees. They left piles along the path to this spot – like little roadside rest stops.
Leaf Cutter Ants - 2 holes
Leaf Cutter Ants pile up the seed pods at the base of a tree


We headed north on Hwy 36, turned west on Hwy 79, north on 95, the west on 29. Not too far past Georgetown is Inks Lake State Park. It has almost 400 campsites. We paid $20 for an electric site. Then they also charge a $4/person entrance fee 🙂
I think I was 8 or 10 years old the last time I was at Inks Lake State Park. I have fond memories of camping and fishing with my family. My memories mostly come from the pictures I’ve seen since though. One was a black and white photo I took with my brownie camera. It looked hot and dry – but I’m sure that was July or August. Today, it is neither hot nor dry – although the storm was kind enough to wait until after dark. The thunder was impressive! We didn’t get any hail but some was reported close by.
Inks Lake State Park
Inks Lake State Park - below Buchanan Dam


We are camped right next to one of the fishing piers.  This next pic is of the day use area next to the pier.
Inks Lake view from one of the fishing piers
Inks Lake view from one of the fishing piers


There are Canada Geese, American Coots, and ducks (white and mallard) on the lake. We didn’t fish but heard the white bass are biting.
Mallard Duck
This mallard was begging for food.


He was really talking to me!

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