Yegua Campground, Somerville, TX

The Blue Bonnets aren’t out yet, here, but the Indian Paintbrush are!  They have such a vibrant color!
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush


I’m not sure what these wildflowers are so let me know if you can identify them. Aren’t they gorgeous!  It also gave me a chance to play with my “super-macro” feature on our new Samsung camera.
Pretty Blue Wildflowers


The leaf cutter ants are really busy.  Sometimes you can’t even see the ant underneath what they are carrying!  It looks like vegetation with brown legs. 🙂
Leaf Cutter Ants
Leaf Cutter Ants


Well, sorry, but no pix of bass this week. And we have to get going today. So, here’s my wildlife picture.  There is plenty of evidence (footprints and digging) of the wild hogs. But I tried, for 6 months when we volunteered here in ’06/’07, to get a picture of the wild hogs. These are domestic pigs that got loose from pig farmers many decades ago. They are not javelinas (sic). These guys are much harder on the environment than javelinas (sic).  Dad and I saw about 6 pigs cross our trail as we went looking for deer antlers. We didn’t find any antlers but we had a nice walk and no pig attacks! 

Wild pigs

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