Sawin’ Logs in Alabama

We had company out in the pecan orchard. It warmed up this last week and we saw lots of eastern bluebirds.

The killdeer were plentiful from the start. They didn’t care what the temps were! We also saw coyote tracks and holes, and evidence of armadillo.
Don left a wasteland behind him! Here are the stats: Out of 11 days we had 8 days of cutting (2 sundays off and 1 rain day), 565 trees down, averaged 70 trees/day. How many 60-year-olds do you know who can do that?! (or would want to?) Oh, sadly, we did have one (or more?) fatality. One of the trees had a squirrel nest. 😦

Most of the trees will be cut up and sold for firewood. Pecan is a hard wood and has a pretty grain. Gil wanted to set some aside to make something out of it. James and Darlene brought over their portable mill. As Don and Gil found 8 to 12 feet of straight trees, he’d cut them off. Gil stacked them separately to be ready for the mill.

Gil, Marian and Gerry stacked the pecan lumber after it was cut. That was quite an operation! It wasn’t supposed to start raining, this day, until evening. But when the rain came around noon, everyone was grateful for the break!

There’s a lot of work going on here – I think it’s time to leave! Whew! Can’t say that I’d want to do that again – but we were treated royally! Gil and Marian are wonderful friends!

Heading for Florida to check out the American Land & Leisure campgrounds in the Ocala area. We left during a torential downpour – not fun to drive in!


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