Chicot State Park, Louisiana

We are making our way from east Texas to the gulf coast of Alabama. We hate to take the interstates the whole way. So we’re taking some back roads. That comes with it’s hazards though. We were busily looking for where to turn in a small town. We quickly got into the left turn lane and didn’t notice we were too close to the intersection….until that big log truck came up to us, nose-to-nose and told us to back up. After we got out of that predicament, the slightly-impatient-sherrif pointed out the white line under our rear tires. :-}

Anyway, we found a nice state park about half way between Alexandria and Lafayette, Louisiana. Some of the sites have wooden decks. I’m thinkin’ that’s due to high water.
All the sites have electricity and water and are well shaded. We paid $16 for camping and a $3 “transaction” fee. I’m not sure if that’s because I used a credit card or just because I paid – hahaha

The south campgrounds have a good wi-fi signal.

There is a pavillion down by the cypress swamp. The water is covered by tiny green plants that make it look like algae covers the surface.

There a rental cabins available, on the lake, for $70 – $90/night. I don’t know how many they sleep. They have AC, screened porch, satellite tv, fishing dock, lake front. We saw lots of trailers at the boat ramp so the fishing must be good.

We give Chicot State Park an A+

One thought on “Chicot State Park, Louisiana”

  1. If I’m not mistaken. Louisiana State Parks has hired a 3rd party reservation company to handle all of our reservations and walk-ins. That is the reason for the transaction fee.

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