Nauvoo, Illinois

Nauvoo is a beautifully restored historic town. The red bricks were made in town with the local clay. The town sits beside the mighty Mississippi River. Before they built their homes they had to clear the land and drain it because it was very boggy. This is a picture of the Printing Office and Post Office. The PO shared the building with a store that sold dry goods and tools. John Taylor’s home sits between them.
Here is a little log home typical of the less expensive homes of the day.
This is the Browning home and Gunsmith Shop. He also was a blacksmith. Browning has quite a history. As soon as you go into these buildings a person is there to tell you the history and answer any questions. They are dressed in period clothing and are very knowledgeable and friendly. It was really fun and interesting. Don enjoyed the gun displays in this home. Browning was quite well-off when Brigham Young led the saints west. So he had all the provisions to go as soon as Brigham said. But the prophet asked Browning to stay in Winter Quarters to make sure everyone else was equipped with guns and their wagons were in good shape. Browning ended up staying in Winter Quarters (near Omaha, Nebraska) for 5 years at the request of Brigham Young. Today Browning Arms operates in the Ogden area of Utah.
This is the Brigham Young home. These homes are not very large. It’s amazing how they lived in such a small space (kinda like a camper?). His home had a “conference room”, used for church business. This is where he and the other 12 apostles met to continue plans, started by Joseph Smith, for the westward migration. There is a strong spirit in this room. It was hard to leave.
We camped at Nauvoo State Park, just east of the historic town and a block or two south of the temple. $20/night for an electric site.
The Nauvoo Temple was destroyed by fire after the saints left. A couple years later a tornado knocked down 3 walls. The temple was rebuilt, to resemble as close as possible, the original building. One main difference is the angle Moroni, at the top. On the original temple, he is flying horizontally. On this one, he is standing, like on all other latter-day temples. We went to a “Sociable” where a couple, who had worked on the rebuilding, spoke. They had some interesting stories to tell.
This is a bronze statue, west of the temple, overlooking the Mississippi River. As we turned north, from Keokuk, heading towards Nauvoo, we could see the temple on the hill! This statue commemorates Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum before they were taken to Carthage and ultimately martyred.

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