North Platte, Nebraska to Junction City, Kansas

We continued east on I-80 until Lexington, NB, then turned south on 283; which took us to I-70 where we turned east again. There are lots of farm reports on the radio in this neck of the woods. We tried to learn about “futures” and why agriculture does well when the dollar is weak, etc. All interesting but I’m still not sure I know how to invest in it???

Our son is stationed at Ft Riley, Kansas, near Junction City on I-70, just west of Topeka. Milford Lake is the largest lake in Kansas and is just north of J City. It is a USACE lake for controlling flood waters. We stayed at the State Park which is very nice; although I’ve never seen so many fees! There’s a fee for entry, a fee for camping, and a fee for each utility at the site (whether you use them or not of course). The Cedar Point Campground has a laundry and showers. The laundry fees were fair. No fee for the warm showers but I would have paid for a hotter and longer one! I had to rinse with cold water! A pretty sunset at Milford Lake. This lake is an average depth of 25′. They catch walleye, black bass, striper, catfish, crappie, etc, etc. And the hatchery even raises goldfish.

The fall colors are starting to peak. I love the maples! They look almost irridescent at different stages of green, yellow and red.

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