Clearfield, UT to North Platte, Nebraska

We were a little distracted by wonderful visits with our children and grandkid hugs and kisses. So we’re a little behind on our travel blog. Here’s some catching up. There were no wind warnings when we left Utah so we decided to head to Kansas via I-80 across Wyoming. Oil dereks (sp?) are a familiar sight in this state.

We were so concerned about wind that we forgot to check for a snow forecast. It wasn’t too much snow for driving. It just made the scenery prettier. This is a picture of the Lincoln Hwy (I-80) in Nebraska.
We stayed one night in Rawlins, Wyoming, at an RV Park right on I-80. Well, far enough away that we couldn’t hear traffic (except for a train). Western Hills RV Park is a Good Sam park and has very nice (unmetered) showers! We paid $22 for elec and wifi.
Lots of very high snow fences in both Wyoming and Nebraska. Temps were right around freezing at night but warmed up into the 50’s during the day. As soon as we crossed the border into Nebraska, there were corn and hay fields. We prefer to use our electric appliances, including heat, so we look for electric hookups while doing this kind of travelling (you know, getting there, rather than lolligagging).
The pic below is of Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historic Park, where we camped in Nebraska. It is near the city of North Platte. This is a nice little campground right on the Platte River. We paid just $11 for water/elec at our site. A beaver was working hard making a nice home for his family right next to the campground.

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