Hwy 101 – Washington and Oregon, Coast Hwy

We got our first glimpse of the bridge across the Columbia River. That is one long bridge!

This is the part that goes high enough for the large ships to pass under. There is no drawbridge on this one.
It was foggy, off and on, along the coast. Here is a picture of Haystack Rock.
I love these unique little islands that jutt out of the ocean all along the Oregon Coast. The next pic is at Pacific City.

Like a horse headed for the barn! I kept telling Don we could slow down – hahaha – We turned east at Newport, to head towards Philomath; back where we started this journey.

We bought $500 Canadian money, as soon as we got into the country. We used credit cards and checks where ever we could. We only needed the cash for the Provincial Parks. We ended up paying cash for groceries, at the end of the trip, just to get rid of it.

Here’s the summary ($ amounts are in US):

110 days – Round Trip from Philomath, OR

Just under $16.50/night for camping (included 10 free nights)

Fuel – Total: $2560 (Diesel: $2479, Generator Gas: $32, Propane: $48)

Entertainment – Total: $1748 (Fishing Licenses: $252, Ferries: $1121, Museums/Tours: $375)

24/7 with Grizzly Adams (aka: the love of my life)….Priceless!


One thought on “Hwy 101 – Washington and Oregon, Coast Hwy”

  1. AHHHH – that so sweet – let's make a commercial – I think he's pretty great my self – but then he's just my big older (much older – getting older by the hour) brother!!

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