Olympic Penninsula, Washington

I love seeing old friends! We had a wonderful visit with Roxie. We hadn’t seen her and her family since 1998 when they lived in Fairbanks and we visited Alaska for the first time. It was like we’d never parted!
But alas, we’ve got to keep moving. So, we headed over to Hwy 101 – only our GPS can’t read our minds. So it took us a different way than we wanted to go. We ended up going through Bremerton, WA. This is the bridge that crosses Puget Sound close to the Navy Shipyards.

And here are some of the aircraft carriers. They are such odd looking things – looks like they’d tip over to me.

It was another great weather day for travelling. We were a little disappointed, though, that Olympia National Park wasn’t more accessible by road. There is one little section that the road goes through at the north end. This is Crescent Lake. We saw fish jumping and, yes, that water is crystal clear! Beautiful!

We camped at a little Forest Service campground called Klahowya; which means “Welcome” in the Chinook language. It is in the rainforest so there are lots of thick foliage. On this crystal clear day, you can hardly see any sunlight under the canopy of tall fir and cedar trees.

See the small slug on the leaf above and left of the pretty flowers?

Klahowya Campground is at the northern tip of the Olympic Penninsula in the state of Washington. We’ll be in Oregon tomorrow!

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