Rockport, WA to Olympia, WA

Happy Anniversary to Mandy and Eric!

We took the back way out of Rockport to I-5. We went south on 530 through Darrington. That’s a pretty little town in a pretty little valley. We hit I-5 just outside of Arlington and travelled south through Seattle. This is Don’s first view of the legendary Space Needle in Seattle. It was built for the 196? World’s Fair.

This looks like a strange cloud formation. When I saw it I said, “What is that?” When we realized it was a mountain, we started looking on the map to see which one. We decided it is Mt. Rainier; over 14,000 feet high. It was a beautiful day to travel. However, this stretch of I-5 did the first damage to our camper in over 100 days of travel and over 11,000 miles! I feel sorry for the people who have to use this freeway daily!

We settled in for the night at Millersylvania State Park in Olympia; named for the Miller family who donated the land for use as a State Park. Normally we wouldn’t stay in such a highly populated area but I have a friend in Lacey that we get to visit tomorrow! Then we’re off to drive the Olympia Penninsula on Hwy 101.


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