Quesnel, BC to Vernon, BC

We are anxiously waiting for the delivery of our 6th grandchild! Our daughter-in-law is in labor as I type.
The first two pics are of Dragon Lake near Quesnel; where we camped Saturday night. Every Ward/Branch we’ve visited on this trip has been very friendly. But Quesnel has to be the most outgoing group of people we’ve met so far. We felt very welcome and enjoyed the testimonies shared. This looks like a resort community of sorts. The campground was pretty full of locals who brought their families camping and fishing for Labor Day weekend.

We went south on Hwy 97 to 100 Mile House (that’s the name of a town). We turned east on Hwy 24 because it is called the “Fishing Hwy” 🙂 Poor planning on Labor Day weekend caused us to shoot right on through to the other end without fishing. But we came down off the plateau about 1,000′ and into the North Thompson River valley. We camped at a Provincial Park by the same name. It is close to Clearwater, BC; where the Clearwater river joins the North Thompson. The Clearwater River is, you guessed it, clear. The Thompson is a muddy, glacier-melt river. You can see where the water takes about a half-mile before it is completely mixed; the west side stays clear for that long. Anyway, I didn’t get a picture of it due to bad weather.

Today, we went south on Hwy 5 to Kamloops, BC. As we got closer to Kamloops, the region got more arid. A lot of this area was hit by a wildfire but it didn’t look like it was from this year. Just west of here, though, in the Lilooet area is where they had a big wildfire in early June that lasted for a couple weeks.

At Kamloops, we cut east on Hwy 1 to Salmon Arm (because it sounded like a good place to camp). Well, we’re looking for a good cell signal and wireless internet, for tonight, so Salmon Arm didn’t work out. So we kept going south towards Vernon. We ended up at the Silver Star RV Park. This area has tons of farmer’s markets. We were tipped off about that. We’ve had fresh, delicious, sweet corn for the last two nights; not to mention nectarines and tomatoes.

We will, more than likely, be back in the states tomorrow; crossing the border at Osoyoos, BC/Oroville, WA.


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