Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Well, we’ve decided to vote ourselves off the island. We are leaving, tomorrow morning, on the ferry to Ketchikan. We have seen a lot of the island and are starting to recognize vehicles and people… and, worse, the state troopers recognize us. We visited the Craig Branch twice. It is a very nice, young Branch. I think there are more children than adults when the visitors aren’t in town. We have been spiritually fed both weeks.
Here are some generalities of the island:
This is a pic of a typical, good, paved road. Roads like this will get you to Klawock, Craig, Hydaburg and Thorne Bay.
Here is a pic of a typical, good, gravel road. There are other gravel roads that are not as good but this one will get you to Coffman Cove and Whale Pass.

Here is a typical, beautiful, stream. I don’t think there are any that are not beautiful but some are smaller and you can’t see the salmon jumping in them.

The wildlife viewing has been a little slow these last couple days. This little guy, and his buddies, greeted us at the Log Cabin Lodge & RV Park in Klawock (kluh-WOK). The owners must have visited the rabbit-man in Whale Pass?

Every rain forest has to have some of these. Just when we were wondering where the banana slugs were, we slipped on one – hahaha

Oh yeah, one more thing. Nobody has mailboxes at their homes. (Well, we saw one, but it must be a decoration.) That may be why they don’t understand the reason for addresses. Business cards don’t have street addresses on them. They only have PO Boxes. I guess it doesn’t take too long to drive every road in town to find what you are looking for though. We eventually found the ‘other’ RV park in Klawock.

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