A Sunny Day in the Rain Forest

Travel Log – Day 93:
– 10:45am – leave Horseshoe Hole Campsite
– 10:51am – stop to fish at Staney Creek
hahaha – that was a short day! Actually, we did get further but we fished until 1:30 or so, ate and then left. We saw these bear tracks on the river bank. You can get an idea of the size compared to my cell phone – not too big – but it kept us alert!
This is the first day without rain on Prince of Wales Island. It is gorgeous! Don is standing in the river fishing. I’m watching for bears and taking pix. This deer shows up across the river from Don and eats without worrying about either of us; then decides to cross the river right next to me! An eagle flies over us. No bear attacks. Don is catching fish. What more could you ask for? Well, I did wish I’d brought the video camera out there with me. I could have used it to video the eagle or the deer or Don whacking himself in the back of the head when he tried to fly-cast with a sinker on 🙂
Don’s first coho!!! Grand Slam of fishing – he caught coho, pinks and dolly varden. We had dolly for dinner tonight – very tasty!
We were feeling adventurous so we tried to find Silver Salmon Falls. It is on our Alaska Atlas. We stopped a couple Forest Service employees who happened by and they had never heard of it. But they confirmed where we were on the map and directed us to where the falls were supposed to be. It looked like a jeep trail so we didn’t get all the way to the falls. The employees told us to enjoy the weather because tomorrow is supposed to be stormy.
We turned the corner as we were headed back to Coffman Cove for the night and saw these snow-capped peaks across the Clarence Strait. We’re not sure if they are the Etolin or Wrangell mountains. As the sun set the few clouds in the sky turned pink. Hey, “red at night, sailor’s delight”! What do those Forest Service employees know about the weather? We should have another good day tomorrow!
HHhhmmm – it rained most of the night and is overcast with off-and-on rain. I always thought that saying was true! Oh well, laundry, showers and we’re off to find a grocery store. HA – that’s funny – in Coffman Cove? We’ll try Thorne Bay.
Anyway, we found another fish ladder. This is the Big Lake Fish Pass. We didn’t see any fish in the ladder but we saw some trying to jump the falls. I guess they have to try what instinct tells them first. Maybe they try the easier way when they get tired?
These cruise ships look so eerie, gliding along in the mist. It’s surprising how big they are.
We stopped back by Sandy Beach at low tide. And, what do you know, there IS sand! See Don standing on the drift wood – or should I say, drift “trees”?

We found another little out of the way campsite as we were leaving Thorne Bay. This is Lake Number 3. We don’t know where Lake Numbers 1 or 2 are. It’s Friday night and there is not one man-made sound. We still haven’t seen any squirrels here. That’s weird. There also seems to be a shortage of small birds. Well, we saw 5 sandpipers on the beach.

Anyway, we’re enjoying the solitude – and the beauty that so much rain creates!


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