Ketchikan to Prince of Wales Island

Don thinks that, if the ratio stays true, he should start using about a 4 foot lure to catch the really big ones.

This is the ferry that we took to Prince of Wales Island. It is operated by the Inter-Island Ferry Association and is a lot smaller than the other ferry. It makes only one trip per day. The weather was partly cloudy – a lot clearer than the trip to Ketchikan.
Hhmm…so THAT’s what Ketchikan looks like? It’s described as 10 miles long and 3 blocks wide. There is still a section of road in town that is made of wood planks. We didn’t see everything there was to see here because we are coming back in September.
The ferry ride was 3 hours long. We saw lots of little islands, like this, along the way. This was the only one with a lighthouse on it though. We also saw a couple humpback whales along the way.
Look a the angle on that ramp! It’s about low tide when we come up to the island. There are minus tides this week. The high at 1am was about +18 and low tide, at 7:15am, was -3.6 (over 21 feet of change!). Today and tomorrow are the biggest tide changes.
Getting around the main part of Alaska takes a lot more time than you think it’s going to. It takes some getting use to because it is so huge but the Atlas has it all on about 2 pages. Prince of Wales Island is just the opposite. We were in Craig before we knew it. The Ferry docked just outside of Hollis. We drove across the island to Klawock and then along the coast to Craig. We saw our first bear in the creek under the bridge as we came into Craig. We are staying in the True Value RV park. 🙂 I don’t think that’s the name of it but that’s who manages it. Maybe it’s called the ‘No Wake Zone RV Park’?

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