Prince Rupert, BC to Ketchikan, AK via Ferry

Okay, we still don’t know what time sunrise is. We sat in line for the ferry from 4:45am – 6:30am. It is so foggy that we couldn’t really tell when the sun came up. Sure can tell we’re back on the coast! This is the scene as we left the port at Prince Rupert.
This is the scene (below) as we pulled into port at Ketchikan. If you squint, and look real hard, you can see the white cruise liner to the right of the darker boats on the left. It only got more foggy as we went north. The seas were pretty calm. I guess because we were not travelling in the open ocean. We did see a couple pods of whales on the way. They were headed south. The first pod had maybe 8 or 10 whales in it. We could usually see 3 or 4 spouts at a time and a couple times we saw them breach the surface (no jumping, just their backs).
The pic below is a salmon berry. They also come in bright or dark red. I don’t know if the color is an indication of the ripeness, maybe our Oregon family will enlighten me?
Ketchikan is a neat little town; lots of totem poles. There were 4 cruise ships in port when we got in. There is a downtown section, full of tourist shops, that were bustling! We drove from one end of town to the other, checked out the Walmart (way out here!) and the campgrounds and RV park. We chose to stay at Ward Lake Rec. Area, in Signal Creek Campground. The hemlock, cedar and huge spruce trees are beautiful. It looks like trees grow right back up even after the tree has fallen down and left it’s roots. This is considered a rain forest.
All types of salmon, except the chinook, are in this lake and the creek next to our campsite. The spawning pink and chum salmon are making more noise than the running water. I don’t know who that is standing at the mouth of Ward Creek, catching pink salmon with every cast (fly or spin). There are also dolly varden, sea-run cut-throat and raibow trout.
This isn’t our campsite but it is similar. I woke up early this morning. It stopped raining last night but was still overcast. I took the camera outside to take some pics of the salmon. When I was finished, I took a few steps back towards the camper, when a small black bear caught my eye on the trail next to our campsite. We exchanged glances. Then he went on down the trail to fish and I went on up to the camper to change my underwear. hahaha – just kidding! But I sure thought about it! He was only about 3 feet high at his back. But still, that’s too big to want to pet. I think I was in his fishing spot. He walked down the trail and I could see him in the creek but I was too flustered to get any pix. He chased some salmon up on the bank. He didn’t eat any and most of them made their way back into the water. One was stranded. I wonder if he’ll come back and eat it later tonight or tomorrow morning?

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