Terrace, BC to Prince Rupert, BC

We travelled west on the Yellowhead Hwy (16) from Terrace, BC to Prince Rupert, BC. It was pretty windy in spots and reminded us of Hood River on the Columbia River Gorge – only smaller (a 2-lane highway between the railroad tracks and the overhanging cliffs).
We stopped at this little rest area on the Skeena River. The pic below is looking back up the river. It is amazing to see the trees that cover these steep-sided mountains. Occasionally you can see where a rock slide has cut a swath and more are growing back in.

Although overcast, this drive is gorgeous!

The RV park, where we stayed, is only about 5 minutes from the Ferry Terminal. We are actually on an island in the ocean. But it wasn’t obvious when we drove here. Our only 2 options for the ferry ride to Ketchikan were 6:30pm and 7:15am. We wanted to see the scenery so we chose the morning departure. As the clerk was handing us our tickets she said, “You need to have your truck in line by 4:15am.” She said it with a straight face too! She cut us some slack when we asked, “really?”, and told us “no later than 5am”.

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