Yukon to BC – Down the Cassiar Hwy

We didn’t have internet last night so I’ll just combine the last two days. The first 45 miles down the Cassiar were not spectacular. Trees lined the roadside so not much to see. The first 10 miles of this road is alternating pavement and gravel as they are smoothing out the rough spots. It is a wide, 2-lane road without lines. We took it at about 45 mph but the gravel trucks, etc., were going lots faster.

We stopped at Boya Lake Provincial Park and it is just as nice as all the other BC parks we’ve stayed in: big, level gravel sites, a big rock to guard the picnic table which is mounted on a cement pad. We got a great spot on this quiet lake. It is a beautiful blue/green. It is fairly shallow, and therefore, fairly warm. We thought about renting a canoe but then we couldn’t decide what the weather was going to do. So Don fished and I took pix of the grebes and looked for the loons that we could hear in the distance.

It was fun to watch the grebes. I counted 19 babies! Mom would dive and then you’d hear the quiet bubble-splash as each one of them dove under also. Then they’d all disappear. Then you’d hear them bubble back up on the surface, a couple at a time. We are also back in the insects! I think Canada has more insects than Alaska does!
We are seeing some spectacular scenery along the Cassiar Highway (37).
Today we saw this young bull moose! This is using the telephoto lense across a river and meadow. Don grunted at him to get him to turn around and look. Can you see his spikes? I don’t think he has enough time to grow them very big this year.
The road, today, is mostly paved. There are 2 construction projects where the road is gravel for 5 – 10 miles. There are lots of pull-outs along this highway but very few rest areas. Good thing we carry our potty with us! We stopped at this “rest” area. But, with a name like ‘Rabid Grizzly’, how can we rest?!
We sure can tell we’re back in BC by the gas and grocery prices! $1.11/liter (Can) for diesel; $6.89 for a gallon of milk. We pulled into Mountain Shadow RV Park at about 2:30. We are just above Iskut, BC on the Cassiar Hwy.


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